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Girls Night In Ideas

By July 29, 2021Wine Worlds

Girls night in is a wonderful opportunity to get together with your girlfriends to eat great food, have some much needed catch-up time, and share plenty of laughs. There are a variety of activities and games that you can plan for your girls night in party to create a fun and memorable night for your best girlfriends.

Here are some fabulous girls night in ideas to help get you started:

  • Movie Marathon:Invite the girls over for a fun night of chick flicks. Choose all your favorite sappy love stories and romantic comedies. The best part is you won’t have to listen to guys complain about missing the big sports game or why all of the girls are crying! Some great suggestions for movies are: Sleepless in SeattleSex and the CityAn Affair to RememberHope FloatsThe Notebook, and The Way We Were. Also, plan to have plenty of popcorn and snacks for the girls to munch on and don’t forget a box of tissues!
  • Book Club: This girls night in idea is a great tradition to start with your friends. A few weeks before the girls night in party, the host can pick out the book for the group to read. Pick something interesting that all of your friends will enjoy. For your girls night in book discussion, serve food and drinks and discuss the book. Talk about your favorite characters and their motivations, the role of different institutions in the book, etc. For the next book, rotate houses so that whoever chooses that month’s book will host the party.
  • Wine and Cheese Night: Another fun girls night in party idea is to invite your friends over for a wine tasting. Ask each of your friends to bring their favorite type of wine for everyone to try. Buy different types of cheeses and crackers for people to munch on between glasses to cleanse their pallets. If you host these parties regularly, choose a different theme for each night. For example, you can try Californial Reds or Best Bubbles (champagne, cava, prosecco).


  • Game Night: Do you and your friends have a competitive side? If so, then a girls night game night is a great idea for a get together. There are many fantastic girls night in games that you can play like Bunco, Apples to Apples, Taboo, and Scattergories. You can even dig out some old classic games like Scabble, Clue, and Monopoly!
  • Clothing Swap:Another fun activity that you can do with your friends is a clothing swap – and it’s for a good cause! Invite your friends to bring any clothes that they don’t wear anymore. Lay the clothes out so that everyone can try them on and trade. After the clothing swap is over, donate any extras to a local charity!
  • Love these ideas and want to start planning a girls night in? Punchbowl has everything you need to get started. Start planning your Girls Night In party today!


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